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Shannon Milar is a certified printmaker from Il Bisonte per lo Studio dell'Arte Grafica in Florence, Italy and now practices visual art in the United States and Europe. Skilled in collage, assemblage, digital art and design, Shannon is readily available in the studio to mentor in any of these areas. She is grateful to have practiced in artist residencies around the world and brings that experience to Catalyst, working with each artist to understand their own creative vision, and helping them bring that vision to life during their stay.



Skilled “catalyst for change” - Hayley Richardson switches between Product Management & Data Analysis to persuade, coax, negotiate, and sometimes bribe team members to drop the gun and take the cannoli all in the name of better locations, smoother transitions, and tastier food and wine. She doesn’t plan events, she creates experiences.



Alessio Marini is Viareggio’s response to George Clooney – charming and handsome, there is no venue too big nor truffle too small that he can’t find and no deal that he can’t negotiate.

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