NOVEMBER 5-11, 2017


an unforgettable week

From the quiet solitude and elegant design of the villa near Lucca, Italy, to the tantalizing treats at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to the private studio time for ideation and creation and to the grand finale of an exhibition featuring your art. Each day of the Catalyst Art Retreat has been painstakingly crafted to reignite the smoldering embers of your creative fire and keep them burning long after you have touched down at home.
Art Retreat

time for art

on-site studio

You'll have access to a huge art studio beautifully lit with east and north facing windows. If the weather is ideal, find a spot in the expansive grounds to use as your workspace.

visiting artists

Local artists will stop by during the week for artist talks and mentoring. Our resident artist is here to ensure you have what you need to create, and are as inspired and productive as you wish to be.

art exhibition

To help create the catalyst you need, let's exhibit your artwork! On the last evening we'll host the Catalyst Art Exhibition at a cool space in town followed by a celebratory group dinner.

About the Art Retreat
Your Stay

Luxe Living

The Villa

Is it possible to feel both in awe of and at home in a lovingly restored 17th century villa set on 16 acres of woodland, olive groves, and gardens? At Casa Berti, the answer is, a resounding “yes”.

Wine and Dine

Whether it’s the tantalizing scent of homemade ragù slowly simmering in the kitchen for hours or a bright green juice made with fresh ingredients, nourish yourself holistically, mind, body, and spirit.


Stay grounded in the present with a brisk walk on the many trails on the property or a bike ride around the hills of Lucca. Adventurous types can add on a cooking lesson, a guided day trip to Florence, or a massage.

About Your Stay

Let's make art

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Our Mission and Vision

Catalyst Art Retreat is a unique opportunity for artists looking to reignite their creative spark. We have designed immersive travel art residencies allowing each artist to dedicate time to their individual practice while working alongside artist peers from around the world. During the week we facilitate creative activities and art salon discussions. Each retreat culminates in a final exhibition where the artists can share their work with the local art community.

Our vision is for artists without a full-time practice to feel encouraged and empowered. We want artists to know there are meaningful ways to engage with the art world while maintaining a full-time job or devoting time to family. We envision a global community of Catalyst artists who value travel as a conduit to inspiration and want to support each other in carving out their own individual spaces in the art world.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope to see you soon at one of our retreats!

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